Google’s AlphaGo AI will play against mankind’s best Go player


Google’s DeepMind AI division will go head to head against mankind’s top Go player, Ke Jie, as per Chinese state news organization Xinhua. Ke Jie is right now the top-positioned Go player on the planet.

DeepMind’s Go-playing program AlphaGo played against Go grandmaster Lee Se-dol in March. Lee lost to the PC 4-1. Albeit Lee was the world’s top of the line Go player somewhere around 2007 and 2011 and is generally thought to be one of the best Go players the world has ever seen, he was just positioned number four on the planet when he played against AlphaGo.

For the last couple of years the world’s best Go player (by Elo score) has been Ke Jie, a Chinese kid wonder. Back in March, after AlphaGo had won the primary session of the match with Lee, Ke said that “I would prefer not to rival AlphaGo on the grounds that judging from its matches with Lee, AlphaGo is weaker than me. I don’t need AlphaGo to duplicate my style.” He did some boasting on his Weibo account, as well: “Regardless of the possibility that AlphaGo can crush Lee Se-dol, it can’t beat me.”

Later, after AlphaGo had grabbed three diversions in succession from Lee, 18-year old Ke overhauled his position a bit: “AlphaGo was impeccable and committed no error. On the off chance that the conditions are the same, it is exceedingly likely that I can lose.”

Presently it appears that Ke Jie will get the chance to discover for certain whether he’s still the best Go player on the planet. As indicated by Xinhua, International Go Federation official part Yang Jun’an reported on Sunday that Ke Jie will play against AlphaGo before the end of the year. No further points of interest were offered as to where the recreations may be played—just that dialogs are progressing and both sides are “slanted to get it going.”

At the point when requested affirmation by Ars, a Google DeepMind representative said that the DeepMind group is “as yet investigating alternatives for AlphaGo’s next strides, however don’t have anything to share right now.”


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