A fusion-powered rocket to detect lethal comets


Really big space rocks (a mile or wider across) crash into Earth about once every 500,000 years. That’s rare, but we might not spot the next one until it’s too late for existing technology to stop it—especially if it’s a comet. Because comets can travel twice as fast as an asteroid, we’d need something 20 times more powerful than anything in our arsenal to fend it off. What’s humanity to do? Continue reading “A fusion-powered rocket to detect lethal comets”


Is there anything which can travel faster than light ?


Most textbooks say that nothing can go faster than light, but that statement actually should be qualified: The answer is yes, you can break the light barrier, but not in the way we see in the movies. There are, in fact, several ways to travel faster than light: Continue reading “Is there anything which can travel faster than light ?”

What really is Fermi Paradox.


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Fermi Paradox,hold on alright let’s have a little background of it.Have you ever wondered while watching a super starry sky that;are we all alone ? does life exist on other planets? when there are so many stars and Planets and  life only on our planet,does that make sense.These are the questions probably everyone deliberated once in his life. Continue reading “What really is Fermi Paradox.”

What are gravitational waves


A recent research showed that gravitational waves exist,you all or maybe some of you have been wondering that what am i talking about. don’t worry I’ve got your back so lets start with a little definition

Gravitational waves are ripples in the curvature of spacetime that propagate as waves, generated in certain gravitational interactions and travelling outward from their source. Continue reading “What are gravitational waves”