Google has a list of the A.I. behaviours that would scare it most


Google is one of the organizations at the forefront of robotics and computerized reasoning research, and being in that position implies they have the most to stress over. The possibility of a robot takeover may at present be a theoretical, science anecdotal idea to us, however, Google has really assembled a rundown of practices that would cause them great concern, both for efficiency and safety in the future. Continue reading “Google has a list of the A.I. behaviours that would scare it most”


Revolutionizing data storage with DNA Technology.


So what the  tech giant Microsoft is trying to do,is it gonna succeed? or its gonna fail ?only time will tell. But let me tell you it will be the most epic thing going to happen to data storages in the 21st century. you can call it a revolution. Continue reading “Revolutionizing data storage with DNA Technology.”

So What basically is Google ara project?


What is it? What can we do, what it can do.These are probably the question you will ask yourself but hold on I am here for you.

Project ara

Project Ara is the codename for an unnamed, upcoming modular smartphone that is made of a central module board with individual modules that can be connected. Continue reading “So What basically is Google ara project?”